Almost 30: I am, I have, I can, I want

Published on July 20, 2022

I am almost 30…

I am much happier than when I was almost 20
I am more open-minded, tolerant, aware of my body
I am an introvert
I am courageous
I am an architect personality type (INTJ-T)
I am often asked for advice
I am happy to talk to those who listen
I am rarely losing my temper
I am a good leader and teacher
I am learning new things every day
I am not believing in any superior entity
I am quite concerned about the world
I am not concerned about others’ opinions
I am sorry for the people I have hurt
I am married to someone I truly love
I am aware I am lucky

I have two master’s degrees, a Ph.D. and a MBA
I have undertaken some challenges
I have failed several times
I have made a few gambles
I have no unhealthy addiction
I have high expectations
I have received several distinctions
I have forgiven my parents
I have difficulties to cope with injustice
I have not given up on humanity
I have no TV, and a relatively old smartphone
I have limited my social media exposure
I have red several personal development essays
I have learned how to use my energy effectively
I have changed political opinions
I have got a few intimate friends
I have made a few foes
I have never been grieving
I have had a few memorable trips
I have moved to Germany permanently
I have realised the importance of family
I have become a scientist
I have not found my dream job yet

I can take pictures; some of them are beautiful
I can deal with computers and technology in general
I can handle frustration
I can make sacrifice
I can leave my comfort zone
I can be on my own at a restaurant
I can have a little humour
I can be quiet
I can listen
I can remain focused over long periods
I can fluently speak three languages
I can explain things clearly
I can care about details
I can deliver
I can cope with uncertainties
I can make good decisions
I can do what no-one expects
I can write this

And now what?

I want to have more time for hobbies
I want to go to museums, theatres, operas
I want to be an artist
I want to become a father
I want to suck the marrow out of life
I want to be recognized for what I do
I want to have an impact
I want to write a book
I want to live somewhere else
I want to solve bigger problems
I want to trust myself a little more
I want to see what I will do next

See you in 10 years?