Hello World

Published on March 5, 2016

and welcome ! In this blog, I will speak about my work as a computer scientist, but also about art, culture and all the things I like. I am building this place to share freely a part of my views. Also, I want to get out of my comfort zone !


Furthermore, I have been profiting so much from the content of the web, that I want to give it back to the community somehow and to contribute. I’ll try to create interesting content and convey information in a simple way.

Why I think this adventure is scary:

  • Writing is a tedious exercise, especially if you’re not writing in your mother tongue.
  • Fear of human judgement about my skills (OMG YOU HAVE A TYPO).
  • Fear of not having enough things to say or to be boring.

Despite its scariness, it might be worth a try !

This blog is based on Jekyll and Bootstrap and the code is hosted on Github. I moved my old CV-only Bootstrap-based website to Github Pages and created a blog sections, which you are reading now. Feel free to reuse or adapt my code. I would appreciate a reference if you take my design :). Note that several improvements (style, UI, code factoring) still have to be made… well, this blog is alive !

Thanks for reading this post, you are the best !


Edouard Fouché